Metro Missions Statement

Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School is a learning community where adults are committed to supporting students' potential as they reconnect to education and embark on paths filled with opportunity. Metropolitan's focus is to make academics relevant through real world experience and offer challenges that provide knowledge, choice, and positive outcomes. Activities are facilitated to expand their career and college opportunities.


The Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School community shares the passion and vision of successfully addressing the needs of the over-aged, under-credited youth. We aim to reach young people who face personal, educational, and economic challenges, which make success in a traditional high school setting is difficult. We recognize our students' potential and challenge ourselves to build a learning community to support their efforts as they reconnect to their educational aspirations. Our school will address both the academic, emotional and social needs of transfer school students.


The primary goal of Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School is to graduate students who are career and college ready, that is, prepared with the habits of mind and skills to thrive in a dynamic and competitive 21s Century labor market. This instructional model will be supported through the principles of Youth Development: caring and trusting relationships with adults and other young people, high expectations, youth participation, and engaging learning experiences in and outside of the classroom.